To customize your own trailer in ETS2, you can either:

a) Choose the Customize Configuration option when purchasing a trailer.

Customize Trailer Configuration in ETS2


b) Take your selected trailer to the nearest Truck Service and use the Trailer Configurator option.

Trailer Configurator in Truck Service

Chain Type

In some trailers, you can add another trailer.

Double Trailer in ETS2

This may be profitable because these double trailers can carry more cargo.

However, it's important to remember that driving a truck with a double trailer is much more challenging, especially when it comes to reverse maneuvers.


In this tab, you can choose various configurations for a given trailer.

Trailer Body in ETS2

Apart from changes in appearance, some trailers also allow you to switch their type there. For example, you can transform a standard Curtainsider trailer into a Refrigerated trailer.


Different chassis configurations may offer various driving characteristics.

Trailer Chassis in ETS2

You should choose a chassis that suits your driving style and terrains you'll be driving on.

Determine whether you prefer driving with regular axles or steerable axles, and decide how many of those you need.

Having more axles can improve stability, while fewer axles make it easier to maneuver and turn.

Paint Job

This is strictly visual.

Trailer Paint Job in ETS2

Some trailers allow you to change their color or even select a specific paint job.

As you might guess, this doesn't affect the trailer's driving characteristics, but it allows you to customize the trailer's appearance.


The Accessories tab allows you to change and add various details to your trailer.

Trailer Accessories in ETS2

Here, you can, for example, change the type and color of the wheels, install additional lighting, add storage compartments, or change the tires.