Volvo stands out as one of the most beloved brands in Euro Truck Simulator 2, capturing the hearts of trucking enthusiasts across the virtual roads.

These trucks boast an impressive level of detail that is bound to satisfy even the biggest simulation enthusiasts, catering to their every need.

With an extensive array of tuning options and the availability of the most powerful 750-horsepower engine, many players have embraced Volvo trucks as their top pick.

Volvo Truck Dealers Locations

There are 16 Volvo dealerships in 13 different countries.

  • Austria Austria - Graz
  • Bulgaria Bulgaria – Plovdiv
  • Finland Finland - Turku
  • France France – Limoges
  • Germany Germany – Osnabrück, Nürnberg
  • Italy Italy – Verona, Naples
  • Lithuania Lithuania – Vilnius
  • Luxembourg Luxembourg – Luxembourg
  • Poland Poland – Wrocław
  • Romania Romania – Brașov
  • Spain Spain – Albacete, Málaga
  • Sweden Sweden – Göteborg
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom – London

Volvo Trucks you can buy

  • Volvo FH Classic
  • Volvo FH

While some players might raise an eyebrow at the mere two models available, it's worth noting that these options feature iconic cabins like the Sleeper, Globetrotter, and Globetrotter XL.

Standard Volvo Truck in ETS2
XL Volvo Truck in ETS2

Moreover, these trucks offer a wealth of customization possibilities, which should be more than enough for most of us.