According to this Reddit Poll, ETS2 players like Scania Trucks the most.

That’s not too surprising. They have beautiful exteriors and interiors, and when it comes to tuning, they are incredibly customizable.

With 730 HP Engine, they are also one of the most powerful trucks in the whole game, which is important for those playing without speed limits and for those specializing in heavy cargo.

Scania Truck dealers locations

You can buy Scania Trucks in 10 different countries, so no matter where are you on the map, there is probably some dealership near you.

  • Estonia Estonia - Tallinn
  • Finland Finland - Lahti
  • France France - Brest, Bayonne, Lille, Strasbourg
  • Germany Germany - Hannover, Dresden
  • Italy Italy - Milan, Florence, Cagliari
  • Poland Poland - Gdańsk
  • Portugal Portugal - Lisboa
  • Romania Romania - Pitești
  • Sweden Sweden - Stockholm
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom - Aberdeen, Manchester

Scania trucks you can buy

There are 4 models of Scania Trucks in the ETS 2:

  • Scania R2009
  • Scania R
  • Scania S
  • Scania Streamline
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