Do you want to learn how to teleport, change the weather, or adjust the game speed in ETS2? You're in the right place.

In this guide, you'll learn how to use commands and discover the most useful ones.

Using Commands

To use commands, you need to enable their support in the config.cfg file of your game.

Once it's enabled, start the game and press ` on your keyboard to open the console.

You can then input any commands and confirm them by pressing the Enter key.

Commands List

Showing FPS

In order to show FPS and mini console, run the g_minicon 1 command.

FPS counter in ETS2

To disable it, run the g_minicon 0.


You can teleport with the goto command. As a parameter, you can use the coordinates (x, y, z or x,y,z,a,e), city name, or uid.


  • goto -18112.8;58.2973;23711.5
  • goto berlin

To exit the teleport:

  • Disable the console `
  • Click 1 to load the default camera.

If you want to teleport your truck to the camera location, disable the console ` and press CTRL + F9.

Then click 1 to exit the free camera and use the default truck interior camera.

Learn how to use the free camera

Getting coordinates

If you want to report a bug, or save the location, so you can teleport there later, you may need your coordinates.

To get them, press SHIFT + 11.

You can rewrite them and copy by clicking CTRL + A (select all) and CTRL + C (copy).

Coordinates in ETS2

Changing Weather

With console commands in ETS2, you can enable or disable rain:

  • g_set_weather 0 - dry weather
  • g_set_weather 1 - rainy weather
Rain Command in ETS2

Disabling or Enabling AI Traffic

To enable or disable AI vehicles, use the following commands:

  • g_traffic 0 - disables AI traffic
  • g_traffic 1 - enables AI traffic

Changing time

Don't like driving at night? Or maybe you need specific lighting for taking a screenshot? To change the time in ETS2, use the following command:

  • g_set_time <hours> [minutes]


  • g_set_time 15 - sets the 15:00 (3 PM)
  • g_set_time 10 30 - sets the 10:30 (10:30 AM)

Changing the game speed

To change the game speed use the warp command.

It will speed up the vehicles, lights, time, and pretty much everything in the game.


  • warp 1 - the default 100% speed
  • warp 0.1 - 10% speed (the game is 10 times slower)
  • warp 2 - 200% speed (the game is 2 times faster)

Avoid setting excessively high warp values (e.g. warp 100) as it may lead to performance issues.

Other useful commands

  • save - makes a quick save
  • r_mirror_view_distance - changes the mirror viewing distance (lowering it can improve the game performance)
  • g_flyspeed - changes the flycam speed
  • edit - enters the map editor

How to use the Free Camera

Here are the keys that are useful while moving the free camera.

  • Numpad 4 - move left
  • Numpad 6 - move right
  • Numpad 8 - move forward
  • Numpad 5 - move backward
  • Numpad 9 - move upward
  • Numpad 3 - move downward