Truck dealerships in ETS2 can be found in various countries and cities. They are open from Monday to Saturday, between 8 AM and 6 PM (8:00 to 18:00 in the 24-hour format).

Here is a table with the locations of each dealership. If you'd like, you can use the sorting option to arrange the results by manufacturer name, country name, or city name.

Dealer Country City
DAF Austria Austria Salzburg
DAF Estonia Estonia Tartu
DAF France France Bordeaux
DAF Germany Germany Leipzig
DAF Germany Germany Bremen
DAF Italy Italy Catania
DAF Netherlands Netherlands Amsterdam
DAF Norway Norway Bergen
DAF Romania Romania Iași
DAF Russia Russia Saint Petersburg
DAF Spain Spain Burgos
DAF Spain Spain Seville
DAF Switzerland Switzerland Zürich
DAF United Kingdom United Kingdom Cardiff
DAF United Kingdom United Kingdom Glasgow
IVECO Austria Austria Vienna
IVECO Belgium Belgium Brussels
IVECO Denmark Denmark Copenhagen
IVECO Finland Finland Helsinki
IVECO France France Le Mans
IVECO Germany Germany Hamburg
IVECO Germany Germany Frankfurt am Main
IVECO Italy Italy Turin
IVECO Italy Italy Rome
IVECO Lithuania Lithuania Klaipėda
IVECO Romania Romania Bucharest
IVECO Romania Romania Constanța
IVECO Romania Romania Galați
IVECO Spain Spain Almería
IVECO Spain Spain Gijón
IVECO Spain Spain Zaragoza
IVECO Türkiye Türkiye İstanbul
IVECO United Kingdom United Kingdom Grimsby
MAN France France Ajaccio
MAN France France Marseille
MAN France France Calais
MAN Germany Germany Berlin
MAN Germany Germany Dortmund
MAN Germany Germany Munich
MAN Italy Italy Taranto
MAN Latvia Latvia Riga
MAN Poland Poland Kraków
MAN Portugal Portugal Porto
MAN Romania Romania Cluj-Napoca
MAN Spain Spain Córdoba
MAN Spain Spain Madrid
MAN Sweden Sweden Linköping
MAN Switzerland Switzerland Bern
MAN United Kingdom United Kingdom Birmingham
MAN United Kingdom United Kingdom Edinburgh
Mercedes-Benz France France Nantes
Mercedes-Benz Germany Germany Stuttgart
Mercedes-Benz Italy Italy Bologna
Mercedes-Benz Italy Italy Sassari
Mercedes-Benz Netherlands Netherlands Rotterdam
Mercedes-Benz Poland Poland Szczecin
Mercedes-Benz Poland Poland Warsaw
Mercedes-Benz Russia Russia Kaliningrad
Mercedes-Benz Slovakia Slovakia Bratislava
Mercedes-Benz Spain Spain Badajoz
Mercedes-Benz Spain Spain Valladolid
Mercedes-Benz Sweden Sweden Kalmar
Mercedes-Benz Switzerland Switzerland Geneva
Mercedes-Benz Türkiye Türkiye İstanbul
Mercedes-Benz United Kingdom United Kingdom Newcastle upon Tyne
Mercedes-Benz United Kingdom United Kingdom Plymouth
Renault Trucks Bulgaria Bulgaria Sofia
Renault Trucks Czech Republic Czech Republic Prague
Renault Trucks France France Paris
Renault Trucks France France Bourges
Renault Trucks France France Lyon
Renault Trucks France France Toulouse
Renault Trucks Germany Germany Rostock
Renault Trucks Germany Germany Düsseldorf
Renault Trucks Hungary Hungary Budapest
Renault Trucks Hungary Hungary Szeged
Renault Trucks Italy Italy Palermo
Renault Trucks Lithuania Lithuania Kaunas
Renault Trucks Norway Norway Oslo
Renault Trucks Spain Spain Barcelona
Renault Trucks Spain Spain León
Renault Trucks United Kingdom United Kingdom Felixstowe
Scania Estonia Estonia Tallinn
Scania Finland Finland Lahti
Scania France France Strasbourg
Scania France France Lille
Scania France France Brest
Scania France France Bayonne
Scania Germany Germany Dresden
Scania Germany Germany Hanover
Scania Italy Italy Florence
Scania Italy Italy Milan
Scania Italy Italy Cagliari
Scania Poland Poland Gdańsk
Scania Portugal Portugal Lisboa
Scania Romania Romania Pitești
Scania Sweden Sweden Stockholm
Scania United Kingdom United Kingdom Aberdeen
Scania United Kingdom United Kingdom Manchester
Volvo Austria Austria Graz
Volvo Bulgaria Bulgaria Plovdiv
Volvo Finland Finland Turku
Volvo France France Limoges
Volvo Germany Germany Nuremberg
Volvo Germany Germany Osnabrück
Volvo Italy Italy Naples
Volvo Italy Italy Verona
Volvo Lithuania Lithuania Vilnius
Volvo Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg
Volvo Poland Poland Wrocław
Volvo Romania Romania Brașov
Volvo Spain Spain Albacete
Volvo Spain Spain Málaga
Volvo Sweden Sweden Gothenburg
Volvo United Kingdom United Kingdom London

Interesting Facts

  • There are 115 truck dealerships in the ETS2.
  • Most popular brands are: IVECO (18 dealerships), MAN (17 dealerships), Scania (17 dealerships), Mercedes-Benz (16 dealerships), Renault Trucks (16 dealerships), Volvo (16 dealerships), DAF (15 dealerships).
  • The most truck dealerships are in the following countries: France (15 dealerships), Germany (14 dealerships), Spain (13 dealerships), Italy (12 dealerships), United Kingdom (11 dealerships), Romania (7 dealerships), Poland (5 dealerships), Sweden (4 dealerships).