Are you just starting your journey in Euro Truck Simulator 2? Or are you an advanced player looking to improve your skills and gameplay experience?

Here are some tips I've gathered from hundreds of hours of gameplay and conversations with ETS2 veterans:


1. Don't want to sleep? Turn off the Fatigue Simulator in the Settings -> Gameplay (Game Settings section).

2. Don't want to pay the fines for speeding and accidents? Turn off the Traffic Offence in the Settings -> Gameplay (Game Settings section).

3. You can lock or unlock the speed limiter by changing the "Truck Speed limiter" option in the Settings -> Gameplay (Truck Settings section).

4. Make sure to use the "Zoom In Camera" option (by default on "Z"). It is very useful when reading road signs or maneuvering using mirrors.

5. Consider turning on the Voice Navigation in the Audio Settings. It's very convenient, and it helps prevent situations where we don't notice a sudden change on our GPS.


1. At the start, it's worth considering taking a loan from the bank to purchase your first truck. This will allow you to take on more profitable jobs from the Freight Market.

2. One of the best methods for earning in ETS2 is taking on Cargo Market jobs. You'll need to have your own truck and trailer for this. Typically, the most profitable contracts come from the High Power Cargo Pack DLC and Heavy Cargo DLC (these are very heavy loads that usually require large and expensive equipment, as well as significant skills).

3. In the long run, the best way to earn money is by hiring as many employees as possible. However, it's not worth buying them expensive trucks; just go for the cheapest ones and focus on properly developing their skills.

4. You can buy trucks even cheaper than they are at dealerships. Try using the customization option and remove everything that's unnecessary. Especially at the beginning of the game and when buying trucks for employees, this can save you even a few thousand euros.

5. If you have employees and want to earn money very quickly, sleep as often as possible. While you're sleeping, your employees still work, and it simply lets you fast-forward game time. When you wake up, you'll usually be richer by several hours' worth of profits earned by your employees.

6. Sort your jobs by the "Price per distance" option.

7. Choose the longest jobs possible. Especially with the developed "Long Distance" skill, these will be the most profitable. To see more long-distance routes on the list, you can go to Game Settings -> Gameplay and adjust the slider to the right in the "Preferred Job Length" option.


1. As you level up, make sure to distribute your skills regularly. At the beginning, focus on Long Distance and ADR skills.

2. Try to choose the option with the most challenging parking, as it gives you 90 XP. If it will be too difficult, you can use automatic parking option by pressing Enter next to the parking spot.


1. Buy the cheapest trucks, especially when starting to expand your company. Two cheap trucks and two employees should provide you with much higher earnings than one top-tier truck and one employee.

2. When buying trucks for your employees, you can save a few extra thousand Euros on each one by removing unnecessary parts.

3. In general, it's not worth buying trailers for your employees because they may not necessarily result in higher earnings (for example, employees may have more difficulty finding jobs).

4. Remember that it's worth developing your employees' skills. Just like with individual skills, I suggest starting with Long Distance -> ADR.


1. If you get bored by the gameplay, the engine sounds, and the beautiful views, you can use your time in ETS2 to listen to great podcasts, chat with interesting people, or even enjoy some cool and relaxing music. This game is perfect for that!

2. Consider joining a Virtual Company. It adds more depth to the game and allow you to make new friendships!

3. Custom keybindings and settings should improve your gaming experience. Make sure your settings allow for comfortable gameplay. Check this post for improving immersion, choosing the correct settings, and comfortable keybinds.