In ETS2, you can currently buy 19 trucks in various configurations. There are 7 brands such as DAF, IVECO, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault Trucks, Scania, and Volvo.

You can buy trucks from truck dealerships and online (if you own at least 5 trucks).

In this post, you'll find the complete list of trucks along with prices and available engines. You'll also see a comparison of the maximum speeds and accelerations of each truck.

Buckle up, because there will be a lot of statistics coming your way!

Truck List

Here is a list of all the trucks available in the game, categorized by manufacturers, models, available cabins, engine power, and the price of the standard configuration.

Manufacturer Model Cabins Engine Price
DAF DAF 2021 XF XF, XG, XG+ 367 hp - 530 HP €114,280
DAF DAF XF 105 Space, Space Cab Plus, Super Space 360 hp - 510 HP €117,270
DAF DAF XF Space, Space Aero, Super Space 370 hp - 530 HP €127,690
IVECO Iveco Stralis Active Space, Active Super, Active Space Super 310 hp - 560 HP €97,255
IVECO Iveco Stralis Hi-Way Active Space, Active Super, Active Space Super 310 hp - 560 HP €157,945
MAN MAN TGX Euro 5 XL, XLX, XXL 320 hp - 680 HP €99,965
MAN MAN TGX Euro 6 XL, XLX, XXL 330 hp - 640 HP €106,755
MAN MAN TG3 TGX GN, GM, GX 330 hp - 640 HP €116,585
Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Actros Low Roof Sleeper, High Roof Sleeper, MegaSpace 320 hp - 598 HP €116,005
Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz New Actros StreamSpace, BigSpace, GigaSpace 421 hp - 625 HP €118,775
Renault Trucks Renault Premium Normal Roof, High Roof 380 hp - 460 HP €108,175
Renault Trucks Renault T Sleeper, High Sleeper 380 hp - 460 HP €116,743
Renault Trucks Renault Magnum Excellence 440 hp - 520 HP €125,785
Scania Scania Streamline Normal, Highline, Topline 360 hp - 730 HP €112,615
Scania Scania R 2009 Normal, Highline, Topline 360 hp - 730 HP €113,445
Scania Scania R Normal Roof, High Roof 370 hp - 730 HP €117,400
Scania Scania S Normal Roof, High Roof 370 hp - 730 HP €118,900
Volvo Volvo FH Classic Sleeper, Globetrotter, Globetrotter XL 420 hp - 750 HP €113,680
Volvo Volvo FH Sleeper, Globetrotter, Globetrotter XL 420 hp - 750 HP €114,590

Fastest Truck

We've tested all the trucks in the game [1].

The fastest one is Volvo FH Classic (161 km/h or 100.04 mph top speed), while the Scania R has the best acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (20.68 seconds).

Here is the full, sortable list of all trucks with their top speeds and acceleration:

Model Top speed Acceleration
(0-100 km/h)
Volvo FH Classic 161 km/h (100.04 mph) 23:44
MAN TGX Euro 5 151 km/h (93.83 mph) 25:55
Volvo FH 148 km/h (91.96 mph) 23:49
DAF XF 146 km/h (90.72 mph) 30:82
Scania Streamline 145 km/h (90.10 mph) 22:37
Scania R 2009 145 km/h (90.10 mph) 22:37
Iveco Stralis 145 km/h (90.10 mph) 30:60
Renault Magnum 145 km/h (90.10 mph) 30:67
Iveco Stralis Hi-Way 144 km/h (89.48 mph) 31:60
DAF XF 105 142 km/h (88.23 mph) 31:31
Renault T 141 km/h (87.61 mph) 32:66
Scania S 140 km/h (86.99 mph) 21:07
Scania R 140 km/h (86.99 mph) 20:68
Renault Premium 139 km/h (86.37 mph) 35:30
DAF 2021 XF 137 km/h (85.13 mph) 30:18
MAN TG3 TGX 135 km/h (83.89 mph) 28:14
MAN TGX Euro 6 131 km/h (81.40 mph) 26:42
Mercedes-Benz New Actros 114 km/h (70.84 mph) 27:34
Mercedes-Benz Actros 114 km/h (70.84 mph) 27:71

Cheapest Truck

The cheapest truck in ETS2 is the IVECO Stralis, which in its basic version costs only €97,255.

Not everyone is aware of this, but it's possible to reduce this price even further. I managed to bring it down to €92,325 after changing the color to a cheaper one (white), and by removing and changing a few external elements (such as the Sun Visor and Front Mirror).

IVECO Stralis in ETS2 with reduced price

Best Truck

The best truck is the one that provides you with the most enjoyable driving experience.

Each truck has its own strengths, and it's impossible to definitively say which one is the best. Everything depends on the purpose and individual preferences. For example, someone who values admiring beautiful views might not necessarily need to search for the fastest truck available. They might be satisfied with choosing the Renault Magnum, which is quite tall and offers a large front windshield.

Nevertheless, below you will find our suggestions for three popular use cases.

Best truck for 0-100 km/h speed: Scania R / Scania S

In our test, these two trucks stood out with the best acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, making them an ideal choice for real-speed competition, where such speed limits are in place.

Scania S in ETS2

Choosing between them comes down to individual preferences. In our test, they achieved times of 20.68 and 21.07 seconds to reach 100 km/h, so assuming a slight margin of measurement error, their performance is practically identical.

These trucks are almost identical, although the Scania S is slightly larger. It's also more popular among players. On the trucksbook platform, 4 out of the top 10 players in the 0-100 km/h category this month were using the Scania S as a main truck.

Best truck for unlimited top speed: Volvo FH Classic

The Volvo FH Classic with its 750-horsepower engine is by far the fastest truck in ETS2. In our test, with a trailer on a relatively flat road, the Volvo accelerated to 161 km/h (100.04 mph).

Volvo FH Classic in ETS2

Best truck in terms of value for money: MAN TGX Euro 5

This one is quite subjective. In my opinion, the best value for money choice is the MAN TGX Euro 5 with the best available engine (680 hp), which should allow us to reach speeds around 151 km/h (93.83 mph) and accelerate to 100 km/h in about 25 seconds.

MAN TGX Euro 5 in ETS2

Such a MAN can be purchased for as low as €111,425, which is cheaper than many trucks in their most basic configurations. If you decide to forego unnecessary features like the Sun Visor and opt for the cheapest paint option, you can get this truck for as little as €107,375. A very good price for almost top-tier performance, don't you agree? In my view, it's an ideal choice for an affordable and efficient truck for you or your employees.

Best Starter Truck

The best choice for a starter truck is simply the one you like the most. ETS2 isn't the best game for min-maxing. It's a simulation and a game meant to provide pure fun. If you want to enjoy it, set some goals, and slowly explore different vehicles and configurations on your own.

Nevertheless, if you're into numbers and want to stick with one truck throughout the game (maybe to rack up the highest mileage), the best choice would be a truck that offers many upgrade options in the future, including a powerful engine.

Such trucks include Volvo (with the most powerful engine at 750 hp), Scania (with the most powerful engine at 730 hp), and MAN (with the most powerful engine at 680 hp).

Scania S tuning in ETS2

If I were to pick one model, I would go for the Scania S, which offers significant upgrade options, including the option for a modern and highly efficient Euro 6 engine at 730 hp.