No jobs on your list? Or maybe they aren't too profitable?

Here are 3 methods that will help you refresh jobs in ETS2.

Skip the time by sleeping

Drive to the nearest hotel (white bed on a blue background icon).

Turn off your Engine and click Enter to sleep.

Usually, you can do this a few times and skip as much time as possible.

Then, check your jobs again.

This method may not work in multiplayer. If it doesn't, just enter the single player, and pass the time there.

Use the Refresh Button

Unfortunately, not all jobs have a refresh button, but you can use them with:

  • External Contracts
  • External Market

So if you are willing to play these World of Trucks modes, simply enter their job lists, and click Refresh button, which is placed at the bottom.

Refreshing Jobs in ETS2

Reset the economy in your console

Firstly, you need to enable your console.


  1. Open the console with ` (top-right corner of the keyboard).
  2. Type: uset g_force_economy_reset 1
  3. Click Enter.
  4. Save and exit the game.
  5. Open the game again and check if the economy has been reset.