There are three methods that allow you to cancel a job. Two of them require a fee of €12,000, regardless of how close you are to the destination.

There is also a third, free method that may work if you saved a game state before taking the job.

Method 1: In the menu (€12,000 fee)

1Click ESC to enter the menu.
2In the top left corner, click on your current job.
Current job in ETS2 menu
3Click on the "Abandon" button.
Abandon the job button
4If you're sure you want to cancel the job and accept paying the fee, confirm the action by clicking Yes.

Remember it will also add a few hours to your in-game time.

Confirmation of canceling the job

Method 2: In the route advisor (€12,000 fee)

1Click F6 to open the Route Advisor Job Info page.
2Click Enter to cancel the current job.
Route Advisor Job Info page
3Click Yes if you want to cancel the job, and you are willing to take the fee.
Alert in game: Do you really want to cancel your current job?

Method 3: By loading an auto save (free)

In case you often cancel jobs or find yourself in frequent accidents and other unexpected situations, you should consider making a quick save before starting a new job.

To do this, simply hit the Scroll Lock key.

Remember that loading a save means going back to the point when you made the save, undoing all the progress you've achieved, and any earnings your workers may have accumulated.

While it's a handy option, it may not always be the most budget-friendly decision.

To load a save:

1Click ESC to enter the menu.
2Click Save & Load at the bottom of your screen.
Save and Load option in ETS2
3Select the Load Game option.
Loading save in ETS2

If you didn't save the game manually, you can check the Show autosaves option.

4Select the save and click the Load button.
Using the