I live in Europe, not far from Poland's longest highway. That's why I spot various trucks straight out of ETS2 on a daily basis.

Just today, I caught sight of several Scania trucks, the Renault T, Renault Premium, Renault Magnum, a few Mercedes-Benz trucks, and also one DAF XF.

But you know what really caught my eye? A countless number of MAN trucks. These trucks are extremely popular here. In fact, I know a few logistics companies that use them almost exclusively.

MAN Truck Dealers Locations

There are 17 MAN dealerships in 11 different countries.

  • France France - Ajaccio, Calais, Marseille
  • Germany Germany - Berlin, Munich, Dortmund
  • Italy Italy - Taranto
  • Latvia Latvia - Riga
  • Poland Poland - Kraków
  • Portugal Portugal - Porto
  • Romania Romania - Cluj-Napoca
  • Spain Spain - Córdoba, Madrid
  • Sweden Sweden - Linköping
  • Switzerland Switzerland - Bern
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom - Birmingham, Edinburgh

MAN Trucks you can buy

MANs are solid machines with a load of customization options and seriously impressive engines. Now, for new players, here's the kicker – MAN trucks come at prices that won't break the bank, especially when you consider the quality they deliver.

For me, it's all about those old-school exteriors. Don't get me wrong – they're cool, but they've got this timeless vibe that I'm totally into. Plus, that massive front windshield? It's a game-changer, especially if you're the type who likes to soak in the in-game scenery.

There are three MAN Trucks to choose from:

  1. MAN TGX
  2. MAN TGX Euro 6
  3. MAN TG3 TGX (newest one that was released in 1.47)
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