The introduction of the new Renault T model has led to a resurgence in popularity for Renault Truck dealers.

Renault's trucks are particularly known for their advanced digital speedometers and well-maintained interiors, garnering a dedicated following. In terms of dashboards, they are my personal favorite.

Renault Truck Dealers Locations

There are 16 Renault Truck dealerships in 10 different countries.

  • Bulgaria Bulgaria - Sofia
  • Czech Republic Czech Republic - Praha
  • France France - Paris, Bourges, Lyon, Toulouse
  • Germany Germany - Düsseldorf, Rostock
  • Hungary Hungary - Budapest, Szeged
  • Italy Italy - Palermo
  • Lithuania Lithuania - Kaunas
  • Norway Norway - Oslo
  • Spain Spain - Barcelona, León
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom - Felixstowe

Renault Trucks you can buy

Currently in the game, there are three Renault truck models:

  • Renault Premium
  • Renault Magnum
  • Renault T

The Renault Premium is one of the most atmospheric and old-school trucks in the game. Relatively compact and maneuverable, it's perfect for short routes and transporting small cargoes.

Renault Trucks Page 1

The Renault Magnum is one of the tallest trucks available in the game, featuring a massive front windshield that's perfect for enjoying beautiful views.

Renault Trucks Page 2

The Renault T is the newest among the brand's trucks. It's just a complete truck that should meet the expectations of even the most demanding virtual drivers. One of my go-to for daily driving.

Renault Trucks Page 3