Italian cars are famous for their exquisite and intricate interiors. Now, I might not be the best person to give my opinion on this, since it really boils down to personal preference, but IVECO trucks are no different. They look great!

IVECO trucks aren't the most popular amongst ETS2 players, but still there's a significant number of those who exclusively opt for Iveco Trucks.

It's a logical choice, given their robust build and fantastic pricing, especially when you consider the level of quality they offer.

In fact, more often than not, I find myself starting a new profile with an IVECO truck.

IVECO Truck Dealers Locations

IVECO trucks in ETS2 are available to buy in 12 countries.

  • Austria Austria – Vienna
  • Belgium Belgium – Brussels
  • Denmark Denmark – Copenhagen
  • Finland Finland – Helsinki
  • France France – Le Mans
  • Germany Germany – Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg
  • Italy Italy – Torino, Rome
  • Lithuania Lithuania – Klaipėda
  • Romania Romania – Bucharest, Constanța, Galați
  • Spain Spain – Almería, Gijón, Zaragoza
  • Türkiye Türkiye – İstanbul
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom – Grimsby

IVECO Trucks you can buy

There is Iveco Stralis and Iveco Stralis Hi-way.

The first one offers variety of cabins, including:

  • Active Space
  • Active Super
  • Active Space Super
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